1. Hotels & Lodging
On this ocassion, the “BAJA INKA – Paracas 1000” is taken place in the town of Paracas, the entrance of the desert of Ica; in the south of Lima.
The village of Paracas is a beach town with many visitors and well-developed services as well as a variety of offers for lodging of different levels.
We have a strategic alliance with the "Paracas 360 - Lagoon Hotel", a great hostel and caravan park (campers), ready to be our base of operations for this date.
For reservations and information about the services of the hotel Paracas 360, please write here:

On the following list you can found hotels and lodges that are offering special prices for competitors and teams during the competition:







Double room
Aprox. price

5 & 4*

Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection

Av. Paracas S/N, Paracas


USD 225.00

Double Tree Resort by Hilton

Lote 30-34 Urb. Santo Domingo Ica, Paracas


USD 200.00

La Hacienda Bahia Paracas

Urb. Sto Domingo Lote 25, Paracas


USD 200.00

Aranwa Paracas Resort & Spa

El Chaco, La Puntilla lote C,


USD 170.00

San Agustin Paracas

Chaco de la Puntilla S/N - Paracas


USD 180.00

3* & hostels

Hotel El Condor, Club & Beach Resort

Panamericana Sur Km. 45
Lote Nro.4 Urb. Sto.Domingo

+51998110970 / +5156545080

USD 110.00

Hotel Emancipador

Av. Paracas Nº 25. Paracas. Perú

+51994047377 / 51946330377

USD 100.00

Hotel Gran Palma

Av. Principal de Paracas Mz. D lote 03


USD 110.00

Brisas de la Bahia Hotel

Av. Principal de Paracas - Paracas

+5156531132 / 5156771413

USD 60.00

Hotel EL Mirador




USD 60.00

Lodges & Backpacker´s hostels

Paracas 360 Lagoon Hotel

Los Libertadores s/n, Paracas

+51936552301 / +51994816815

USD 27.00


Avenida Paracas 128


USD 47.00

Paracas Backpackers House

Av. Los Libertadores s/n, Playa, Paracas

+5156536700 / +51956237140


USD 25.00

Lodge Bamboo Paracas





Lodge Villa Kite

Bahía Santo Domingo, Paracas




Any other extra information about lodging or services for competitors and visitors in Paracas or Lima, contact Ernesto Orrillo

2. About Paracas
Paracas is the main entrance of the Paracas and Ica desert, is a former fisherman´s town; now mecca of aquatic sports and recreational activities in the National Reserve of Paracas.
It counts with all the services and prestige hotels and lodges, and it Will be the operational base of this edition of the Baja Inka.
Its located at sea level, with maximim average temperaturas of 32° centigrades (90° F) and minimun average of 9° (48° F). Sunny most of the year, but foggy during the mornings due to the cold sea next to it.
It lies at 250km to the south of Lima, and at 780 km to the north of Arequipa.
Closest airport: Pisco (PIO) only 13 km away.

3. Fuel in Perú
Gas stations sell fuel in gallons in Peru (3.78 litros), not in litres, and at the current market you can find Gasoline from 90 octanes to 97 and 98 octanes with aditives; as well as Diesel DB2-5 (mix of regular Diesel and 2% or 5% of Biodiesel, where appropriate).
Prices aprox. (per gallon) in the área of Pisco and Paracas:


Gasolina 90 PEN 12.50 USD 4.00
Gasolina 95 PEN 14.00 USD 4.30
Gasolina 97 PEN 15.00 USD 4.70
Diesel B5 PEN 11.00 USD 3.45

4. Documentation for foreign vehicles (Entering to Peru)
The Organization team of the “Baja Inka – Paracas 1000”, and the local motoracing federations issues a letter to customs and migrations authorities of Peru, which informs and allows the temporal import permit of vehicles for the competition, but is always important to remember to bring the following documents:
- Property or ownership card or document.
- Passport or ID of driver
- Driver licence
- International insurance (if appropriate)
- If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner, a Notary letter is necessary in order to drive the vehicle in to the country.

For consultation and assistance with all customs formalities, we have an agreement with Waiver Logistics of Peru; and their representative Luis Guerrero. They can attend you in the following email:

5. Pre-race local payments
- FEPAD insurance policy: USD 232.00
- Stella Metal Base (Base): USD 160.00
- Additional Stella equipment rental: USD 300.00

6. Organization Contacts  (Elizabeth Torres)  (Ernesto Orrillo)




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